Get in my belly😬

So I had the opportunity to do an exclusive tasting of a few of the best items on the menu at Steam Restaurant in Stellenbosch. Let me tell you, they are NOT playing around, not only do they have the best gin experience, but their food is to die for and you will want to cheat on that diet👌🏻😎

First off, I had to try the famous Steam basket

•3 Spring rolls

•3 Chili poppers


•Chicken strips

•3 risotto cheese balls

•4 side sauces to compliment each item

This is the PERFECT dish to order when having a few drinks with your friends and share .

Contraptor Burger :


•Caramelized onion




•Side salad

•French fries

They currently have a awesome special – order any burger and get a half pint of beer for free (Thursdays). What a bargain. And it is not just any type of burger, it’s so interesting and very creative, they don’t just throw your food on a plate, if I can say so myself.

Risotto Nero:
•Squid ink risotto

•Crispy chorizo

•Garlic aioli

Oh my oh my, was this a interesting dish. Very unique and tasteful, definitely something to experience at least once in your life and it goes beautifully with any cocktail.

African trio:

•Malay chicken curry


•Beef casserole


•Baby potatoes


If you want to experience all the wonderful tastes at once, this is the platter for you. What a wonderful combination and it is great to share as well. If you want to taste Africa, they’ve got you

Pina colada cocktail:

As I’ve been saying over and over again: ASK and you shall receive- I love a nice pina colada, but I don’t alway want the pulp or milkiness, so I asked and I got exactly what I wanted. I just LOVE Sergio, he is the best mixologist in the business. He will make you fall in love with cocktails all over again👌🏻

Go and give their menu a try, you won’t be disappointed 👌🏻 also check out their Instagram page below-


Gin’O Clock🍸

Gin is the new thing, and we are all here for it.

I’ve teamed up with STEAM RESTAURANT STELLENBOSCH to bring you exciting new specials: Be prepared to be amazed 🤩

  1. Major Herbert – a refreshing drink,Probably my favorite out of all of them.
    Juniper berries and dried sour figs to compliment the drink 100%.

2. Officer Maria – a unique floral experience

    Mint & sunflower seeds to bring the whole drink together.

3. Sir Earnest- great fruity sensation, also a big favorite

    Apple & cinnamon to give the drink that extra kick

Overall, I can definitely recommend STEAM RESTAURANT , there is something for everyone, and the best part about all, if you don’t want anything on the menu, they’ve got a AMAZING mixologist that loves creating new drinks, and he will create it according to your taste.

Go give them a go, and go check out their Instagram page –

January Bargains 💸

So.. we’ve all been waiting for the 200 days of January to end, am I right?😂

If you are still waiting on that pay check, but need a new outfit, I got you💜

So I’ve been on the hunt lately, actually just a shopaholic, but anyway . I recently discovered a really good factory store. I’ve been looking for a nice dress for a few occasions I’ve got coming up, and I just don’t want to pay ridiculous prices for something I probably won’t wear again, because I’ve made that mistake way to many times before

So lets start off with the obvious – China Town.

    We’ve all been there, and fallen in that hole.
    Probably the best place to find cute replicas or even just something very cheap, but still passable.
    My only issue is- SIZING 👎🏻 I get that you can’t trust their sizes, but if you are curved or even just “oddly shaped” , your not getting anything there, unless you spend 10 hours actually trying on everything (because their sizes aren’t even the same in the exact same product 😂).
    You’re in luck if the item is made out of some sort of stretch.
    I personally felt attacked – because I am not a size XXXXL , but some of them won’t even go over my head 😂
    And then, when it comes to pants/shorts whatever you are into, they’ve got you covered, and that I don’t understand at all. It’s not that they have “big” sizes, but it just magically fits. Let me explain: so I am normally a size 10/12 in Pick n Pay jeans, Mr.Price ( I don’t even try anymore) size 38+ , Cotton on Size 12/14. So I don’t really have a size , but you get it. So at China Town, I’m a 8/10, and then it’s still lose around my legs ( bear in mind: my legs are surprisingly very thin, compared to the rest of my body).
    What I’m trying to say is: I found a dress😂 bought the Navy one, because, hiding my food baby would just be so much easier than in the aqua one.( Got this one is a medium, so I don’t feel like a troll😎)
    What did I learn : STRECH IS GOOD and don’t even try to fit into the XXXXL non stretchy dress, just leave it alone🖐🏻😂

Clothing junction .

  • Rare find, to be honest. Don’t know if I’ve just been living under a rock, but I’ve never been in this store before.
  • We recently got our own store in Durbanville area, at the new Shoprite shopping center that is newly renovated. I passed the store by accident when I was actually on my way to one of the China shops to find some cheap jewelry for a bachelorette, and decided to go in.
  • Now, I might be wrong, but it’s a factory store, that sells other brands,but at a fraction of the original price.
  • I didn’t have alot of time to browse around as the store was closing, but I found a few items.
  • Now to my surprise, they had a lot of difference in their sizing,but it’s still a factor shop and they don’t offer every size, but most of the items were fairly reasonable with their sizes.
  • I picked up a few items and I rushed to the changing room, and to my surprise, everything fitted me.( also it is normal SA sizing, so I can’t be to impressed😂)
  • Out of the 3 items I got, I was the most impressed by the maroon body suit, because they normally don’t fit me, even in the biggest size, this one was a Large and for once I didn’t look like a stuffed sausage.
  • I also found two cute summer dresses, the sizing is a bit different, as the pink strappie dress is a XL and the orange t-shirt dress is a M, so you would have to play around and try on different styles and sizes to find your perfect mach,and I’m very excited to test out these items, see how good the quality is and so on.
  • Just a little something to leave you with: I PAYED LESS THST R200 FOR ALL THREE OF THESE ITEMS🤩😬

So i conclusion, I personally feel, if you go and hunt for that bargain, you’ll definitely find one.

***Let me know if you’ve ever had the same experience at China Town & if you are going on a bargain hunt this weekend👌🏻***


January favorites / go to products💄

These are some of my favorite products, not just of the month. My absolute go to.

Lets start off with the base :

  1. Essence #insta perfect foundation :

• I love the formula, but wish it was more full coverage. I’m very picky with that, as I know you can build it up, bit I don’t like applying a lot of foundation, because of my weird skin type thats never the same, either oily or very dry. So I am still on the hunt for the perfect foundation (leave a suggestion below if you have any😎)

2. Revolution conceal & define concealer in C1 :—C1/m-5840.aspx

• I can NOT get enough of this😍 I’ve never tried the Tarte shape tape ( South African problems) but what I’ve heard is that it’s about the same thing. I was so happy when they launched in South Africa, i almost bought everything 🤭

It is so full coverage, doesn’t crease and brightens the under eye by 100% . I don’t think I’ll ever use any other concealer ever again.


  1. Real techniques neon lights brushes

• I used to own the OG brush set, I still have it, but I haven’t reached for it in a while. I recently saw these new ones and decided to give them a go again. They are really good quality. I absolutely love the eyeshadow brush, the domed shape makes it so much easier to apply your eyeshadow and blending is a dream. The buffing brush is also quite nice, but I still feel like I need to use a beauty blender afterwards to smoothen out the foundation, bit thats my personal preference.


1. Essence glo to go :

• I think all of us are constantly on the search for a new highlighter, because it’s a addiction , and I’m hooked. Highlighter is probably the one thing I go straight to in the shop, and when I found this pallet, I was Shook. There is a shade for every skin tone and it can be used for multiple things aswell. It is so affordable aswell,


1. Essence super curl mascara:• I personally struggled to find a good enough mascara, because my lashes are so short and I just dread having to do my lashes. Essence always comes through tho, they have a massive range of options and this time I’ve decided to try this one,and I’m not disappointed at all. It has a nice thin bristle, that helps alot when applying to short lashes, and gives alot of length. Would highly recommend

2. Essence superlast eyebrow pencil:

• first of all, i SUCK at doing my eyebrows, but this product is so fool proof, even I can use it. Very easy to use, great color range, because it blends with your eyeshadow, even if it is not the exact shade, and then gives you alot of definition.

3. SophXRevolution eyeshadow pallet :

• WOW WOW WOW!! I’ve been a long time supporter of Soph (beauty youtuber)

• This eyeshadow pallet is to die for, and so easy to create multiple looks with( even for beginners like me😎) I’ve played around so much with it, but still need to explore the brighter side of it.

• I know from watching her videos , that she created this pallet for people who love warm tones, but also included some cold tones, so you can create any look you can imagine.

• I would highly recommend getting yourself one of these, as it is also so affordable, but so convenient.


1. Essence kiss the penguin lipstick

It seems like they do limited edition ones and different types of “animal” themed lipsticks. I have the penguin one, and I love it. It is one of those color changing lipsticks, and almost feels like a balm, so it’s easy and quik.

Weekend chilling🍷

❌❌Be prepared for alot of Elgin spam❌❌

This past weekend we had a wonderful get away to Elgin, right in between Cape Town and hermanus side.

I was so surprised, Elgin has so much to offer.

Lets start with Peregrine farm stall:

  1. Farm stall
  2. Coffee shop
  3. Kids play area
  4. Boutique shops
  5. Restaurants
  6. Everson’s ciders
  7. Happy saks

There is so much to do and so much to eat and drink, obviously I was in heaven.

So I set off to find the drinks, to my surprise, Everson’s is in a little container with the cutest setup. So we did a cider tasting, and i went for the Pomegranate one.

I took my cider and plunged down in to a happy sak and enjoyed the rest of my duration right there.

I was so relaxed and just felt free, in the country air and no worries, i was in my happy place.

If you ever drive past Elgin, just make a pit stop, you wont be disappointed 👌🏻

Beauty trippin💄

First beauty post alert💕

So… I’m a sucker for a new foundation, highlight, bronzer ect ect (basically every thing😝).

So when I walk in to Clicks or Discem, you’ll find me in the makeup section, for hours. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t even pay that mach attention to myself😂

So I’ll be looking, testing, examining for hours. But I alway tend to end up at Wet n Wild or Essence, just because it’s so affordable, but still some of the best drugstore brands we have here in South Africa.

So lets get in to these few goodies I found :

1- Wet n Wild photofocus foundation in nude ivory:

I know this product isn’t very new, and the hype is over, but when it first came out I got some samples at the shop and tested it for a week or so. HATED it, it was so orange on my skin and it didn’t last all day. So i just didn’t buy it. Then a few weeks later my foundation was so finished, I had to get a new one fast. So I went and bought this, because it was on special and I decided give it a go. Turns out that sample was old or something, because I LOVED THIS FOUNDATION . No orange tones, stayed throughout the day, still not as long as I wanted, but it did the job. So I’m very happy.

2- Wet n Wild highlighter : OMG I’ve never seen anything as pigmented and glowing. All i have to say is : MAKE MORE SHADES. Because believe it or not, thats the “lightest” one I could find, and that is not for my skin tone.

3- Smudge pressed powder : A very affordable powder range , very pigmented and does the job. I’m not a big powder fan, as my skin type is very put there, one day it’s oily, the next day it’s dry. I guess thats called combination skin😂 but i use the powder to set my makeup and I’m very impressed.

I am excited to hear what your favorite makeup item is? What is your go to brand? Let’s discuss down below💜

Poplars made me POP

I’m a sucker for a nice Sunday lunch.

And that’s exactly what Poplars restaurant has to offer. With a nice farm feel and an amazing outside patio, you can’t go wrong.

Their menu is quite versatile, basically they have everything from salmon to pasta. But very limited, as their whole menu is one page, but there is something for everyone.

So obviously I had the lamb shank, and let me tell you, SHARE with a hungry friend. As it is one BIG meal, but oh so delicious. Because it doesn’t just stop at Lamb shank, you get sweet potato mash and roast veg as well. Perfectly cooked, amazing combinations.

Definitely take your loved ones for a stunning lunch with an amazing atmosphere.

All about me

Hello world.

My name is Mieke, and I’m obsessed with all things beauty, fashion , food and alcohol.

I’ve always admired these “insta-bloggers” and just decided that 2019 is going to be my year. I am doing this solely because it’s my passion, ask anyone who knows me. That 4 things is all i do.

I love finding new places to go eat, try new dishes and exotic drinks. And maybe vlog my whole experience?

I try and stay on trend with the fashion, but sometimes I have pretty funny remarks I think the world needs to hear and join me in my little bubble of laughter.

I don’t even know where to start with “beauty ” because I am definitely not a expert, but I LOVE everything and i buy all of it , like i need it?😂 i love trying out new trends and new products, and I would love to share that with you.

I want this space to be for all the fat alcoholics that also loves being girly,so lets do this💜

Hello 2019

What a year to be alive.

In 2019 I am going to set some goals,and I would like it if you could join in with me and set some for yourself,share them below if you would like to.

● Start a blog

● Start my youtube channel

●Finish my studies (there is alot😅)

●Become more healthy

●Travel more

●Build my dream home with the love of my life

●Just become more happy and accepting